Allegro is a foundation dedicated to cooperate especially groups impoverished, disadvantaged conditions or difficult subsistence.

Participatory work with people and with associations and institutions in pursuit of agreed solutions. We seek the involvement of other stakeholders in both the north and south to develop strong networks of mutual support.

We promote participation stakeholders from the start of projects. Our emphasis is the role of communities in their development. Working on initiatives, help with the clear intention of being facilitators who cease to be necessary.

Our VISION is that the disadvantaged improve their capacity to make decisions about their own lives, and access to food sovereignty, drinking water, education and health.

Our MISSION this is work together with groups and associations through participatory research, facilitate knowledge, people and resources, and launch health projects, education and living.


  • Working with groups in difficult situations their agricultural needs, educational and health. Particularly in processes losing their traditional way of life. Promotion of community development to achieve.
  • Prevention diseases, malnutrition and deteriorating environment in sensitive groups.
  • Spread the methodology participatory research both among employees in Spain and destination countries.
  • Promote dissemination involved in the north and facilitate volunteering.


The board ensures the proper functioning of the foundation, their accountability and evaluation of the objectives.

In our activities with our partners, take care that the protagonists of the project are who realistically raise their needs and what they are willing to improve. We try to make those affected by the problem , increase the progressive control of your situation.

As in the other actions of the foundation, receives any compensation because we are volunteers.

  • PRESIDENT: Dr. Felipe Aixalá source Rubinat.
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Dr. Fernando Rodríguez López
  • VOCAL: Drag. Victoria Muriel Patino
  • VOCAL: Dr. Javier Gómez Casillas
  • SECRETARY: Jesús García Martín Carballares
  • Project Manager in Ethiopia: Getachew Eyob
  • Project Director at Filpinas:Drag. Erlinda Montillo-Burton