No matter how you do, what matters is your help. There are many ways to make possible development projects. Each euro account, because it is a step towards improving the lives of thousands of people.

For a project possible, se puede colaborar buscando un profesional voluntario, investigating common interests with other associations, implicándose a largo plazo o aportando recursos.

We have also launched a campaign to collect and recycle mobile phones to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and seek alternative funding. The importance of awareness that changing mobile encourage armed clashes in Congo for control of coltan is an educational factor in which all can collaborate.

All contributions are used entirely in projects

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If you have a phone that you no longer use, Now you can change it by seeds, textbooks or drums.


Tell us your ideas to raise funds for a good cause. Create a charitable initiative. Do you have any idea?

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Individual support of people like you allows us to bring aid to those in need, whoever and wherever they are.


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The team of volunteers participate Allegro Foundation, developing different activities: management news web, development of corporate publications, fundraising, etc.

If you want to collaborate regularly with the Foundation, selflessly contributing your time and expertise, send us your curriculum vitae, activities and availability that you would like to volunteer.

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