The our focus is to work with other communities to seek synergies, use local resources and reach agreements increasing the effectiveness.


Our direct action through shared projects Check, has focused on:

Mindanao, Philippines:

  • From 2003 have been adding other specialized NGOs and government agencies in partnerships to aspects of the project. We have facilitated the collaboration of 17 organizations and so we could get seed orchards, banana seedlings, abaca, coffee, gimielina; Training and raising pigs, goats, tilapia; Training containment slopes, manufacture of compost.
  • They have collaborated PACAP-Australia, University of Salamanca, World Bank, SOLEDKI,Kitanglad Integrated NGOs (KIN), National Association of Farmers in the Philippines (PAKISAMA), Jesuit Volunteers Philippines, Bukidnon of IP Education Network, Church of the Faithful Servant, The Samdhana Institute, Legal Rights Center, Organization of Sociology-Anthropology Students (FOR), National Anti-Poverty Commission-Province of Bukidnon, Local Government Unit- San Fernando, Municipal Agriculture Office, Provincial Agriculture Office, Department of Agriculture-Region X, Northern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center (NOMIARC), Philippine Coconut Authority, Black Pencil, Pens of Hope-Davao, Provincial Environment and Natural Resource Office, RIMCU (Research Institute of Mindanao Culture) and LGU (Local Goverment Unit) in funding this project.
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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia:

  • Our collaboration with "New Men" has resulted in strengthening psychoeducational 16 schools that are in charge, collaboration of Spanish university volunteers, school health project and a project for training employees "New Men" in Logical Framework Approach.
  • They have collaborated the Castilla y León, SACYL, University of Salamanca and Primary Care Management of Salamanca.
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Jinka and Pawe, Ethiopia:

  • Collaboration with local associations SOHA and SOPDA, has enabled equipped with manual secondary schools in Jinka and the ten tribal schools in remote areas.
    The involvement of South Omo Research Centre and funding of the University of Salamanca has been essential
  • Completed in November, the fourth season of cataract operations, a total of 683 patients operated. Preparations for next season at Easter 2015, include a computer with two surgeons and two optometrists volunteers. Many more patients can regain vision.
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With the aim of supporting others in their actions and for support, and form relationships that make more effective projects , collaborate with:

SOGUIBA: Agricultural development in Ingoré, Guinea Bissau.

CARPIO PEREZ FOUNDATION: Masai school for children of widows, Tanzania.

RED CROSS: Indigenous Embera Chami School, Colombia.

HANDS UNITED: Generic Collaboration.

SALESIANAS MISSIONS: Education projects in Africa.

FUND.VICENTE FERRER: housing construction in Anantapur, India.

GOLBALINFANTIL: Emergency welfare mothers with babies. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Friends of the Bajau: tools for Shipbuilding. Illigan, Philippines.