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After the massive clearing of forests in Mindanao to be exported timber , ancestral mode of life was lost based on hunting- collection and slash and burn.

Deprived of the jungle, Matig Salug indigenous Manobo face a very difficult situation: how to survive in the little territory to be respected as ancestral domain, are now left with the need to learn another form of subsistence and seek to preserve their territories and live in them.

From 2002, working with Salug Matig in the mountains of Bukidnon, Mindanao, has focused on subsistence and food sovereignty. Together with crop diversification, constant analysis of the situation has led Manobo start drinking fountains, training in raising goats, pigs, tilapia, Carabao plowing, containment technology hillside, composting. Coffee was introduced, banana, pineapple. We have increased relplantación abaca and Gimielina, species originating. Building drying of maize and cassava ensures certain income after selling in the market. The construction of the school and classes with native teachers has already achieved stability. Access to essential health services has improved . For this we have collaborated with numerous local institutions, both government and NGOs. The network of local partnerships is now broad and solid (*). The greater involvement of the Manobo to extend the project to neighboring valleys, has led them to form SOLEDKI, an indigenous NGO (People´s Organization), from which they are now present in the health committees, poverty, Education, and get seeds and seedlings Department of Agriculture (THE) or the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources(DENR). Our facilitation work has extended to the resources available in these areas and gradually SOLEDKI has more partners.

The increasing presence in these organisms also assumed greater prominence of the Manobo in defense of their territory Pressure multinational agricultural and mining companies seeking to occupy its territory.


Projects in Philippines

Drinking water

The community wanted a source of drinking water for the whole year. In this way the children had to fetch water and could go to school. Organized labor supply allowed a small external collaboration: the cost of bricks, cement and hose.

Animal husbandry

Introducing ducks,goats and pigs ensures diet diversification. We work with government agencies to get the offspring of animals, and other NGOs for training and building the stable.


The women's group has taken the initiative to create home gardens. The diversification of the diet is essential between Salug Matig. The DENR (Department of Environment and Natural resources) provides seeds, by means of the project coordinator, Mark Brazil.

Tilapia ponds. Distribution of fry.

The breeding of tilapia as a food resource has been successful in Philippines. Thanks to the extension of fish farms in the plains, Now we have experts who teach community. Allegro facilitates meetings and collaborations to achieve take place in remote territory. The fry are provided by the Department of Agriculture.


Subsistence in the territory itself has been the main concern of Salug Magtig. With new tools, introduction of plowing and crop diversification carabao help agricultural production.

Contour farming

The SALT technique (Sloping Agriculture Land Technology) extends in the Philippines to contain the fertility of the slopes and prevent erosion. The deep-rooted plants containing terraced allow each cultivar. In these various crops are introduced to cover subsistence and not depend on monoculture. Teaching is provided by an NGO specialized. The collaboration involves only the transfer of technical teaching.

Drying Corn

The solar dryer has been extended , as it not only serves the community, but to neighboring villages who use it for a small amount. These savings are used to cope with the difficulties of the dry season. Organized men shows gravel of the river and build work is the merit of a village that is organized. We contribute from outside only with cement and iron mesh.

Carl Catawanang

Tribal chief Matigsalug. Founder of ki Soled

Mark Brazil

Coordinator (2010-2014)


Coordinator (2014-2015)

Ms. Linda Burton.

Project Director

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