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In Ethiopia work in remote and poor areas that have little or no access to education and health: South Omo and territory Gumuz. We support our partners in their efforts: tribal schools and clinical Saint Raphael


Projects in Ethiopia

Books schools Jinka

The South Omo River, in southwest Ethiopia, It is a remote area where the school is very recent. Because the increase in population causes scarcity of resources to continue the traditional lifestyle, going to school is an alternative for young people who need to get other jobs. New trades are now a possibility for those who have had schooling. However, new schools built by the government does not have provision of materials. Complete schools with textbooks for self-learning is a strategy demanded by students and teachers. With these manuals published by the government, Motivated students can study the subjects with minimal assistance from teachers.

The motivation of many students and previous work on this project with teachers and principals make it possible for this small investment in affordable books is an alternative future.

As a result expected long term, contemplate that has more training for other jobs, and administrative positions are occupied by students in the area.


Ethnic Mursi students attend class when you let your work with livestock. The complete project with books ten schools of ethnic minorities in South Omo.


After the building of the library in Jinka by the Embassy of Japan , la fund. Allegro has completed the project with furniture and bibliographic

The newly created schools have no infrastructure to the buildings themselves. How to cooperate in Ethiopia goes through complete government initiatives, seeking synergies and legality as required foreign NGOs.

The student ratio was manually 30 students per book. We hays proposed reducing it to seven students per book. These manuals blinque English-Amharic are edited by the government and are really affordable. Price: between two and three euros, by subject matter.

Cataract Operations

On Easter 2015 will be the 5th year of cataracts in Pawe. As in every campaign, expect a 200 patients to regain sight. The 683 patients operated hitherto, their families and clinical, thank the Spanish collaboration. Allegro We thank the support of the University of Salamanca, Manos Unidas, and all those involved in the collection and recycling of mobile phones .

collaboration of missionaries and other health centers to identify in advance and transport patients, allows more operations per day.

It is a collaboration to strengthen the capacity of the cynical Pawe, in which the part and the co finacian Foundation Bellmas, The University of Salamanca and Manos Unidas.

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