Next campaign of cataract operations in Pawe, Ethiopia


Collaboration with the clinic Maids of the Poor is already in the fourth season. In the above, 215 patients received sight. We hope that with the new equipment, new sterilizer and volunteers more technical, we can overcome this figure. Collaborating on the project at the University of Salamanca, Manos Unidas and Bellmas foundation.

The campaign lasts a few days, therefore has to be intense. The collaboration of the missionaries in the area and nearby health centers in locating and transporting patients, makes it more effective. Each campaign has increased the number of patients operated , and on this doubled the team to give greater scope

This project is supported by the mobile recycling. All collected phones are designed to co-finance the campaign. Thus we want to join recycling, preventing greater extraction of coltan in Congo (Exploitation of children and armed struggle for control of the mines) with the generation of an economy in which everyone can participate.

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Veronica Lopez Paredes
03/20/2016 19:21

I WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE and assist in your interesting project. From Formentera could be carried out a campaign to collect mobile that no longer serve to recover coltan.
A friendly and supportive greeting


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