The focus of our activity is to work with other institutions to provide support, seek synergies, use local resources and agreements that increase the effectiveness. Following the guidelines of cooperation, seek collaboration in each territory and rephrase the actions with our partners.

Our direct action

Through joint projects with our partners, has focused on:

Mindanao, Philippines: Research Institute of Mindanao Culture- Xavier University, SOLEDKI-People´s Organization, THE (Dept of Agriculture), DENR (Dept of Environment and Natural Resources), Dept. of Education, Local Government Unit, Bukidnon…

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: New Men Foundation, initiated by Nicholas Castellanos, former bishop of Palencia.

Jinka, Ethiopia: Together with local associations SOPDA (South Omo People´s development Assn) , NEVER (South Omo Hope Assn.), SORC (South Omo Research Centre) and the zonal hospital in Jinka.

Our work in Spain with institutions at source:

University of Salamanca, Cooperation Office: Joint projects, volunteer training, selection of NGOs destination for volunteers, awareness program and recycling of mobile.

Coordinator of NGDOs Salamanca: Dissemination actions, seminars.

City of Zamora: Draft mobile phone recycling.

Chair Cooperation, University of Cantabria-COIBA: Training.

Help projects proposed by other NGOs:

We have contributed financially to the following institutions to support their work or complete projects:

Fundación Vicente Ferrer: Construction of 2 houses in Anantapur, India.

Proclade Andalusia: support its education program in Africa.

Soguiba : Contribution to the construction project in Angore, Guinea Bissau

Men Foundation New-Bolivia: Joint health projects, psychoeducation, volunteering in schools, Assistance to Families, UN-African Hands.

Globalinfantil: help in emergency assistance to mothers and children in the orphanage Kotebemesalemer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

South Omo Research Centre, Ethiopia: Contribution from the library in Jinka.

South Omo Pople´s Development Assn: Libraries in tribal schools in South Omo River, Ethiopia.

Jinka Zonal hospital, Ethiopia.

Philippines: Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro, Research Institute for Mindanao Culture, Cagayan de Oro. Soledki, People´s Organization. Bukidnon, Mindanao.