Allegro picks 250 kilos of phones to pay for cataract operations in Ethiopia

Felipe Aixalá junto a un colaboradorFelipe Aixalá is a almendralejense that takes years off, but on his return, always brings good things to the city. This time, he wanted to involve the almendralejenses of one of the projects undertaken with Allegro oenegé, with which for years performed missions in developing countries.

Just over a year that was launched in Almendralejo a campaign to collect mobile with two objectives ago.

And in this 2015, already have the first results of this campaign. And it has managed to collect Allegro 250 kilos of phones used along 2014, to go to recycling and whose profits will be used to cover cataract surgeries in Ethiopia.

The president of this oenegé, operating for years in various parts of Castilla-León and Extremadura, Felipe Aixalá recognized that “The main objective of this campaign is to introduce the habit of recycling among the population”.

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elena espinel
03/14/2015 14:12

No me ha quedado claro donde hay que entregar los móviles que queremos reciclar para que sirvan de ayuda a vuestro programa de operación cataratas.
Un saludo,
Elena Espinel


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