Activities of the year in the Philippines

4b1The main problem among indigenous Manobo Barangay Kalagangan remains subsistence. Therefore, the tribal chief Catawanang, will be responsible for coordinating activities this year, September 2014 to September 1015. Included:

-Plantar cocoa and coffee. Corn and Abaca.

-Creates goats

-Establish conditions in the five participating Barangays in replanting the banks of the river. Prevention of devastating floods in typhoon.

-Formation of the Manobo children in skills, a través de Alternative Learning System (ALS) , under the Dept. of Education o Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

-Native breeding hens, by the group of women

Establecer la “School for Living Tradition” , where the Manobo children will learn traditional crafts , using indigenous materials : cotton, abaca, Accounts.

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